Hi! I'm Deanna! I'm a Freelance Motion Designer, Animator, Illustrator, mom, wife, and metalhead. I was born and raised in Canada, but have spent the last decade in Ireland - an amazing country which I proudly call home. I love everything artsy, but animation and motion design are things I crave most. I have a specialised background in E-learning as I have worked extensively designing graphics, interfaces and prototypes for online training platforms. This experience has taught me how to communicate through art, and design with a purpose. I'm currently focusing my career on visual storytelling and explainer videos. I want to show the world how learning can be fun! Even complex and otherwise, dry topics can be brought to life with good visual metaphors. And who knows, I'll probably learn something along the way too! 
Interested in collaborating, working together or just having a chat? Feel free to drop me a line at: reilly@deanna.ie
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